Maker of Body Parts

Kidneys, on purple felt covered in hand-sewn purple sequins.

Ovaries set on a two-dimensional uterus. This can also be made entirely 3D. Ovaries covered in iridescent hand-sewn sequins.

Thyroid, blue for throat chakra! Entirely hand-sewn, with individual charm stitched on

MakeR of Body ParTS

A couple of years ago I went through a patch where I felt very depleted and weary, and I felt that my kidneys were wanting a bit of extra love. One day I had the thought "Wouldn't it be great if I could hug my kidneys?" To send them extra energy, attention, and kindness? So to the left are the kidneys I made for myself to do just that. Each night for a few months I held them and visualised my kidneys and sent them some love. And you know what, I feel like it helped me. Since then I've told people about this and have been asked to make numerous body parts for others.

I sew with the intention of sending wellbeing and love to the recipient, so  there's enormous positive energy sewn into every piece. The feedback from recipients has been very positive, and I'm so pleased about that. Focussing attention on ourselves, sending love to parts of us that need some extra love is such a powerful gift we can give to ourselves. Of course I'm no doctor and would naturally encourage anyone to see a doctor or healthcare practitioner first and foremost for any medical complaint, these pieces are simply, but powerfully a message of love and care towards our amazing bodies. 

If you would like me to make something for you please get in touch and let's discuss or visit my Facebook page. Made from soft felt and entirely handstitched, with sparkly additions or anatomical details, because we're sparkly and amazing beings, inside and out.

Sweet little shiny heart, complete with anatomical details and made with much love

Liver, roughly life-size, with beautiful sequin heart detail

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