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Some upcoming shows & speaker events for 17/18/19:

15 Mar - Importance of Being Earnest, Battersea Barge

24 Mar - Secrets of the Bluestockings, Red Brick Building, Glastonbury

2 April - SCRATCH work-in-progress showcase, Red Brick Building

15 April - Très Très Cabaret, Stafford

25 April - Performing at Stimulating Women, Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton

12-14 May - Sublime Boudoir, Alder Manor, New York, USA

26-27 May - The Suitcase & This Child at Greenwich Theatre, London

3 June - Kinky & Quirky, Torquay

10 June - Bluestocking Lounge, Swansea

18 June - SCRATCH work-in-progress showcase, Red Brick Building

10 Sep - Gilded Merkin, Nottingham

18 Sep - Speaking at Taunton Dean Divas WI

18 Sep-22 Sep - R&D week for new show

30 Sep - SCRATCH work-in-progress showcase, Red Brick Building

as part of BARNfest

13 Nov - Secrets of the Bluestockings, The Harrison, Kings Cross

18 Nov - Hundred Watt Club, Gloucester

3 Dec - Gilded Merkin, Cardiff

10 Dec - SCRATCH work-in-progress showcase, Red Brick Building

2 Jan 18 - Speaking at Puriton WI

10 March 18 - Secrets of the Bluestockings, IWD Wells

9 May 18 - Secrets of the Bluestockings , Tara Theatre, London

1 July 18 - Secrets of the Bluestockings, Shaftesbury Fringe Festival

4 Sep 18 - Speaking at Bridgwater Firecrackers WI

27 Sep 18 - Speaking at Middlezoy WI

6 Feb 19 - Speaking at North Curry WI

7 Feb 19 - Speaking at Blackdown Ladies, Bishopswood

13 March 19 - Speaking at Horton and District WI

21 Nov 19 - Speaking at West & Middle Chinnock WI







As part of Greenwich Book Festival 2017

I performed in staged readings of two

exciting contemporary plays, This Child

and The Suitcase at Greenwich Theatre. Directed by James Haddrell and Natasha Oxley, the plays were performed by mixed casts of professional actors and student actors from Greenwich University.


Photos by Zuleika Henry

Great to be back with the brilliant Show of Strength for "View from the Pen" & Arts in the Park, Bristol 2016

"In the hands of Leela Bunce, the magic of theatre weaves its spell and an extraordinary hour ensues" (Broadway World)

My solo show, produced by the brilliant Finger in the Pie Theatre Company & directed by Alexander Parsonage, was a five-star hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012 and toured the UK Spring 2015. TOP 10 BEST REVIEWED SHOWS OF EDINBURGH FRINGE 2012 – THE LIST


Using clown and puppetry, and based entirely on true stories, the show told the story of women's experience on the Home Front in World War 2


In December 2016 I launched a regular showcase for Somerset-based performers and theatre makers at the Red Brick Building, Glastonbury which has grown into a really valuable space for artists to bring new work or work-in-progress. Now supported by Take Art's BARN initiative, the next dates are

Saturday 30 Sep and Sunday 10 Dec 2017.

I was thrilled to rejoin the brilliant cast of Sublime Boudoir, this time in New York. 12-14 May 2017.



Photo Credit: Allan Amato

After years of running regular cabaret shows in London (Time Out Critics Choice), The Bluestocking Society are BACK, with a new touring show entitled Secrets of the Bluestockings. This show launched to a full house at the Red Brick Building, Glastonbury in March 2017. This year you'll be able to see us at Shaftesbury Fringe Festival on Sunday 1 July -

Cream of the Fringe – ★★★★★

This charming solo performance by Leela Bunce captured my attention and my heart from the off. The performance is compelling and affecting; humorous, moving and vibrant...The design of the piece is stunning and inventive, with beautiful use of props and music. Highly recommended!


Fest Theatre (FEST BEST) – ★★★★★

With endearing warmth and beguilingly subtle humour – ★★★★★

It’s been a long time since I’ve been swept off my feet. But tonight, my heart remembered the joyous call of love. Waiting For Stanley is the reason the weather has been so nice at the Fringe this year. It is the friendly glow and cosy warmth that the city has been missing. It is the sunshine of the Fringe...

Endlessly inventive and blessed with a charming central performance by the female lead, the beauty of this show can be felt all around. Hilariously funny as well as deeply poignant, this is a show that you simply have to see. A work of pure genius.


Hairline Fringe – ★★★★★

The performance of Leela Bunce is simply delightful. Whether she is leading the audience in a rousing chorus of daisy-daisy or miming the characters stiff upper lip as her son is evacuated from the city, the audience can find easy empathy with her portrayal. Superb and extremely touching, ‘Waiting for Stanley’ might just be the show not to miss at the Fringe 2012


Theatre Guide London – ★★★★★

A warm, moving, cheering hour, this is a theatrical experience that cleanses your soul and sends you out feeling that life is, all things considered, pretty good.


The List – ★★★★

Leela Bunce is the architect of this captivating one-woman performance, opening each box of tricks to reveal a world rich in imagination. Never has a pile of socks had such an illustrious career in metaphor.


Fringe Review – ★★★★★

This is fast paced physical theatre combining clowning, puppetry, mime and visual storytelling delivered with panache, humour and warmth. Bunce’s performance is outstanding, the pace never flags and each story element moves seamlessly into the next, punctuated at intervals by the next delivery of letters... This show offers so much more than an entertaining hour for physical theatre enthusiasts – it is a master class for any performer, as well as a poignant reminder of the incredible resilience of our mothers and grandmothers who fought on the home front.

"This charming solo performance by Leela Bunce captured my attention and my heart from the off"

Photo by Clive Holland

A dream come true to play the Tuppence half of Agatha Christie's famed detective duo Tommy and Tuppence in Tricity Vogue's brilliantly written theatre cabaret show "Blue Murder" at the gorgeous Burgh Island Hotel, Devon in 2014, and Scallywags in Tunbridge Wells in November 2016. Whodunnit??!!


Photo by James Millar

I very much enjoyed choreographing and leading a crack team of flashmobbers in Glastonbury in August 2017 as part of Children's World's Off The Streets week.

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